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Privilege is a conundrum that dilutes the culture of fairness. 

As a leader you recognise that your organisation has more to do.  You want to create success through connection and belonging, but you're unsure about how to make it happen. 

The Privilege Eruption Podcast is where you have the opportunity to evolve breakthrough thinking about the impact of Power, Privilege and Purpose - and how that shows up at work. 

In these podcasts, you will gain the courage and confidence to realise a culture of inclusion for all. 

Everyone deserves a level playing field.

What is your burning question?

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Why do we need a *Privilege Eruption*?

Prior to the headlines that began in Christmas 2021, about Government corruption and rule breaking, we found that many people felt labelled with an ‘unconscious’ use of Privilege - where people exercising Privilege had little awareness of the impact of their actions on another. When challenged on this behaviour, some act in ‘alarm’, some seek ways to excuse or minimise their Privileged intent: "that was not my intention", and some flatly deny that their actions were those of a ‘Privileged’ individual or group.

To uncover the tangible impacts of Privilege at work today, we put together a survey that is designed to assess how conscious or unconscious use of Privilege affects you, and your place of work. Please take a few minutes to contribute to our research.

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