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We are so excited to introduce you to our guest speakers!

"Our Research Guru!"

Roger has a forty year career in technology, starting in AI at BT labs and leading consulting practices at CapGemini (where I met Ishreen), Pa Consulting and his own business Intelligent Linking.

He specialises today in helping organisations to develop ‘signature’ customer experiences that drive loyalty and customer growth, utilising a range of techniques designed to uncover deep insiights into organisational behaviour and customer perceptions.

Earlier this year we met to talk about a survey on Privilege and through working with us on this survey Roger embarked on personal journey to a more conscious understanding and behaviour in his own use of privilege

Roger Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Intelligent Linking

"Our Brand Diva!"

Gayle Edwards is an International, award-winning Global Impact & Personal Brand Strategist, Author and Speaker who works with Entrepreneurial Disruptors to help them build their identity and authority within their marketplace! 

As the CEO of Brand You Consultancy Ltd, Gayle uses her 30 plus years’ experience in Marketing, Branding, Communications, Training & Coaching to help Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals to boost their identity, create more impact, extend their influence and sharpen up their image. Gayle is also the creator of the trailblazing “Standing up in Your own Hallelujah” Personal Branding process.

Gayle has delivered keynote speeches for organisations as well as national and international conferences. Gayle interviews Entrepreneurial Disruptors from around the globe as the host of The Dare to be Awesome Podcast Show and co-host of The Entrepreneurs Sushi Club podcast. Gayle also founded Daring Daughters, a soon to be launched social enterprise focussed on encouraging young women into entrepreneurship.

Gayle Edwards,

Positioning Strategist

BrandYou Consultancy

"Coming soon...."

...watch this space...

I am looking forward to continue working with Ishreen in the future.

Our special guest